Ruff Stuff Scrub

Ruff Stuff Scrub


Here are some of the amazing benefits of why you should be using Ruff Stuff Scrub! 

- It is packed full of Coconut oil which is not only moisturising but naturally high in Lauric Acid, which is Antibacterial & Antifungal. Perfect for waxed skin.  It also contains Vitamin E which we already know is great for improving the condition of the skin.

- Its 100% natural (you could actually eat it! Don’t, it tastes gross) 

- Environmentally friendly, no nasty plastic microbeads!

- It smells divine but what you smell is not added fragrance, it is active ingredients. Peppermint oil has great Antibacterial qualities, it’s just a happy coincidence that it smells lush!

- It has been designed by a Waxing Specialist to combat in growing hairs, not just a chemist with no hands on beauty experience. 

- Each case is handmade (with love) to order so the scrub is always fresh and of the highest quality. 

- It has been designed to be used EVERY DAY for those with an ingrown hair problem. It will only be effective if it’s used daily. For those that have good skin but want to improve the appearance or quality, every other day should be fine. 

- It’s not just for Waxing clients. It’s great for those that use fake tanning products or as a skin prep before a spray tan or to get rid of a fading tan.

- It can be used all over the body (not the face, although those with excessive facial hair may find it beneficial if used GENTLY 2-3 times a week on the affected area), men with designer stubble have also found it beneficial on the neck area. 

How to use Ruff Stuff


Less is more! 


You really don’t need much. A level tablespoon will easily do one full leg. 


Use at the end of the shower routine:


- Step away from the water jets but ensure the skin is still damp!


- Massage Ruff Stuff onto skin in a circular motion until the sugar has mostly dissolved. 


- Rinse and pat dry. 

The skin should be left with a slight coating of coconut oil but should not feel greasy to the touch, just irresistibly soft!

PLEASE NOTE: The texture of the scrub will harden in cold weather. This is natural and will not affect its use.

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